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Karlo’s Bistro Italia – Florence, KY – GlutenFree Menu

Karlo's Bistro Italia - Florence, KY - GlutenFree Menu

I recently went to Karlo’s Bistro Italia located in Florence, KY and had a great Gluten Free meal!  I ordered a chicken dish with mashed potatoes and spinach.  It was literally delicious!  They don’t have a printed gluten free menu however the manager was able to speak with me and assure me that I could order chicken or salmon with no concern as well as many of the sides!

I was sad not to be able to enjoy the french bread but thrilled to enjoy my meal without a Gluten attack!  It was two thumbs up and I will be back. Next time I will be sure to try the Salmon.

It is located at:
4911 Houston Road, Florence, KY 41042

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