McAlister’s Gluten Free Menu

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McAlister's Gluten Free Menu

McAlister’s Gluten Free Menu

Hands down one of my favorite places to eat out Gluten Free is at McAlister’s.  I love baked potatoes and soup!  I think I could eat it every single day.  What I love is that there are many choices at McAlister’s for gluten free dining.

Many restaurants think that taking the bun off and eating a hamburger patty (not an option if you ask me) is an option but at McAlister’s Deli I get a lot of great choices to choose from.  I really like the Pick 2 Menu Option. You can also request Gluten Free Bread at most locations!

Here is the link to the full Gluten Free MenuMy personal favorite is Veggie Chili and Grilled Spud Max (pictured above).  Of course I also love the Sweet Tea!

Have you tried McAlister’s?  What is your favorite Gluten Free option?

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