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Miley Cyrus is Gluten Free

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Wow! Miley Cyrus has announced she is gluten free because of a gluten and lactose allergy.   It seems like more and more people and celebrities are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance.

I feel bad for her because many people in the media (and world) are saying that she has an eating disorder. When I was at my worse, I personally dropped 11 pounds in 6 days. When you are so sick and everything you eat makes you sick and feel bad then the natural response is to stop eating. I am lucky that I was seeing my chiropractor daily. Because of that care she saw how fast I was losing the weight and I started a food diary. I immediately started removing gluten from my diet (even before I had a positive test result with Celiac Disease) and found that I started feeling better.  Hopefully Miley will begin feeling better and be ale to start eating again.

There is a growing list of celebrities that are gluten free including:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Celiac Disease
Zooey Deschanel – Sensitivities to Wheat
Susie Essman – Celiac Disease
Billy Bob Thornton – Intolerance to Wheat
Jennifer Esposito – Celiac Disease
Drew Brees – Celiac Disease
Chelsea Clinton – Celiac Disease
Emmy Rossum – Celiac Disease

I am happy that these celebrities are “out” and talking about their Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease. My hope is that we will see more good tasting Gluten Free products, restaurants that will accommodate and reductions in pricing as a result.






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