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Stockpiling Moms Gluten Free Menu Plan

Here is my Gluten Free Menu Plan for this week! We like to plan monthly because it keeps us from worrying about what is “for dinner” and keeps our budget in line when it comes to dining out. When you menu plan it is important to include a family favorite weekly. We try to plan frugal meals as well to keep within our monthly budgets. A helpful tip is to plan meals from your stockpile! Here is a how to get started Menu Planning Monthly. We believe it helps us to stay on budget and cook from our Stockpile and save more!

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Monday –  Steak, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato

Tuesday – Tortilla Soup and Cornbread

Wednesday – Three Cheese Italian Sausage Potato Delight, Salad (wishbone or Ken’s salad dressing is gluten free)

Thursday – Gluten Free Slow Cooker Squash and Apples (Vegetarian) – Whole Wheat Bread, Salad (wishbone or Ken’s salad dressing is gluten free)

Friday – Buffalo Chicken Dip – served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and guacamole – Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Saturday – Make Your Own Pizza NightGluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe

Sunday – Brinner – Omelets with choice of fillings, Whole Wheat Toast/Gluten Free Bread for me and Fresh Fruit

Breakfast for this week is:  Breakfast Blintzes

Dessert for this week is: Lemon Lover’s Cupcakes

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Be sure to visit our Gluten Free Recipes for more of my favorites.

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  1. Jennifer Kelsey says

    Thanks for posting this! This week I’m going to get organized and do a monthly meal plan and I would like to start incorporating some gluten-free meals. I’m excited to try out some of yours!!!

    Thanks for all the work you put into blogging, meal planning, coupon-finding, etc…..It’s appreciated!!

  2. Emily A says

    I want to start planning weekly menus, too – thanks for your great gluten free tips! I’m assuming that not all of your household is gf, which is why you add whole wheat bread to your menus? Just wondering… have you found a favorite gf bread? I usually use GFPantry’s white sandwich bread mix – but it still crumbles.

    I only recently found your blog – it’s great! It’s great to have the gf/coupon tips! Thank you!

  3. Emily A says

    yes :) That’s why I assumed that someone in her household CAN eat gluten – that’s what we do, also. My family eats “regular” bread, mom eats gf bread.

  4. Angel R. says

    It is startling/confusing to see whole wheat bread on a gluten-free menu plan…

    I hope to some day be organized and able to follow a menu plan! Recipes sound great!

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