Chuck E. Cheese is testing Gluten Free Pizza and Cupcakes in MN

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Chuck E. Cheese has announced the start of gluten-free cheese pizza and cupcake options available on the menus of their Minnesota-area Chuck E. Cheese’s stores! They have taken the risk of ANY possible cross contamination OUT of the equation. I am personally so excited and hope that other chains consider the same. Take a minute to watch how the pizza comes sealed and then baked in a bag so there is NO risk of cross contamination. It even comes with a disposable pizza cutter! The cupcake also comes sealed. I am really hoping the chain will spread to all of its locations and then other chains will follow suit.

If you are interested in seeing the Gluten Free products in your area – please make a comment on the Chuck E Cheese Facebook page.

Now Chuck E Cheese asks – If all goes well, what additional gluten-free menu items would you and your family like to see introduced in a Chuck E. Cheese’s near you?

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  1. that is soo wonderful for kids to be able to go to Chuck e Cheese and
    and eat pizza like everyone else am soo excited might even have to try it myself if they bring it to Columbus Ohio!

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