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DIY Circle Party Garland

DIY Circle Party Garland

I love this DIY Circle Party Garland. Garlands and bunting banners are ALL the rage in party planning right now. I just adore them and love the fun they bring to any party. Summer is a busy party time so make a few of these circle banners in different colors to punch up your next party!

DIY Circle Party Garland

DIY Circle Party Garland:


Circle punch(es)
Hot glue

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 1:

Cut out several circles with your circle paper punch. I used 2 different sizes.

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 2:

Tie a knot in 1 end of your yarn to begin the circle.

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 3:

Place a dab of hot glue in the center of your circle and wrap the yarn around the knot.

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 4:

Continue gluing around the circle and pressing the yarn onto the cardstock. Careful, the glue is HOT! It may be helpful to use a bamboo skewer or end of an unsharpened pencil to help press down yarn into the glue.

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 5:

Continue until all of your circles are covered and hot glue the circles to a length of string.

DIY Circle Party Garland

Step 6:

Add your happy little circle garland to your party decorations.

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