DIY Travel Crayon Case

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DIY Travel Crayon Case is perfect for Summer Vacation and Dining Out! #Summer #Kids

DIY Travel Crayon Case

I love this way to recycle an altoid tin for a DIY travel crayon case.  One of the best tips I ever got as new Mom was carry my own crayons in an empty Altoid case.  So, 7 years later – I still carry it is my purse.  It is actually the same tin!  Simply take an empty Altoid (or other similar sized tin) and re-purpose it.

DIY Travel Crayon Case:

Crayons fit perfectly into the tin and it snaps shut.  If the tins gets hot (mine never has and I leave it in the car year round) any “leakage” would be self contained.  My son loves a variety of crayon colors and most restaurants limit him to the primary colors so I am sure to always include brown, purple and black in my tin :-)  Enjoy this travel tip!  It fits great in your travel bag too for those little ones.

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