DIY How to make sponge bombs

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I am so excited to share with you this DIY How to make sponge bombs. Get ready for summer with these easy, frugal and FUN sponge bombs! Kid tested for hours of outside fun! Enjoy!

summer fun ideas


4 pack of sponges
Replacement mop head
Zip tie

summer fun with kids

Step 1: Cut each sponge into tall thirds

Step 2: Cut several strips from your mop head.

summer fun idea

Step 3: Gather the sponges and several mop strips in your hand. I used 6 sponge strips per bomb.

Step 4: Cinch your zip tie very tightly in the middle of the sponges and mop strips.

summer fun

Step 5: Trim the long pieces of mop strops and trim the tail from the zip tie.

Step 6: Fluff out the sponges and head outside with a bucket of water!

Leslie. is our Stockpiling Moms DIY expert.  She is a frugal fashionista, DIY creator, party planner, working momma with a crazy toddler and an very tolerant husband! She loves to create and hopes to inspire others to create along with her!

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