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Flash #Giveaway :: (20) FREE 12oz can of Starbucks Refresher Beverages Coupon :: CLOSED

UPDATE:  This giveaway is CLOSED

The winner’s are: brian, petra, erin and barb

We have a FUN flash giveaway!  Enter to win (20) FREE 12oz can of Starbucks Refresher Beverages up to $2.39 expires 5/19/12.  This coupon is supposed to match at Walgreen’s during the week of 5/13/12 for a $.99 MONEY MAKER!  These are extremely HOT coupons!  We will have (4) winners.  The giveaway ends on Monday, 5/7/12 at 9 AM EST.

Coupon Beat is one of our favorite coupon clippers.  They are located in TN and are FAST shippers!  LOVE Coupon Beat!

Be sure to follow Coupon Beat on Facebook too!

To enter:

Make any comments you want as long as they are related to coupons.



  1. Colleen Phillips says

    I just love coupons, especially for free items. Those new Starbucks Refreshers are my favorite…

  2. Kulpana A says

    I love using coupons for snacks. Makes me feel better about buying cookies. haha.

  3. brian west says

    Alot of couponers in my area go overboard. Couponing is nice but when you clear shelves and stuff it’s not so nice.

  4. brian west says

    I have my paper delivered and if it’s alot of coupons for stuff I use I pick up another but apparantly it’s so bad the gas stations have signs up limiting papers to 2 per person and they got rid of paper boxes because people would clear out shelves.

  5. brian west says

    People need to be respectful…I like to coupon but don’t go overboard. Probably saves alot but I like to spread the coupon fun. I think the most coupons we have used for one item would be 3. We do like produce coops and bakery outlets to help cut costs though.

  6. brian west says

    Not sure if this is as many comments as you want or not, but saw others so assuming…guess we all love coupons!

  7. brian west says

    Coupons would have been good when my kids were little, but I didn’t coupon then.

  8. brian west says

    I don’ t usually cut my coupons, just pull the ones I use all of the time and save the others for double/triple. Super double.

  9. brian west says

    Alot of stores seem to be cracking down on coupons, which ruins it for the casual clipper. Which is what i think I am.

  10. brian west says

    They had some coupon blogger on extra or something like that and they were talking about having many inserts and stuff and one kept jumping in saying but we never clear the shelves. I guess fear of backlash. Then they asked her most impressive savings, she said cereal. Like 92 boxes for a little bit and then she was smiling. Then she randomly shouted out, but I didn’t clear shelves I went to alot of different stores. If you didn’t preorder you cleared lots of shelves. LOL But I guess there is a stigma about that. I don’ t like that but know to get there early enough to beat them while they are at the other stores.

  11. brian west says

    I love it when you see a blog and every tip they had referred to another blog. So why wouldn’t we just follow the blog with the real tips? Cause everyone coupons!

  12. brian west says

    Love to starbucks to lunch, brown bag everyday and coupons help with that. There used to be a stigma with that as well. Now adays everyone does it!

  13. Kathleen marler says

    Good Morning! My best coupon stockpiling deal was about 3 years ago at Walgreens. My husband and I spent the weekend doing the deal. We got enough diapers (we were getting ready to have a baby soon) to last for 2 years! I don’t remember the deal exactly, but with RR (register rewards) and coupons (Walgreens) – we were able to get 3 packs of diapers for free. We each bought 3 packs each at each Walgreens (so weren’t clearing the shelves). We live in Florida and there seems to be a Walgreens every 2 blocks (and a CVS on the in between blocks) – so we went in a radius of approximately 25 miles each direction. That was my best stockpiling deal!!!

  14. Kathleen marler says

    With my stockpiles I have been able to make some awesome birthday, holiday gift baskets. Buy a basket (at a thrift store – you can find some awesome, unique baskets). Fill with items that you know your recipient would like (bath salts, shampoos, lotions, nail polish, nail polish accessories, etc). Top it off with a pretty bow and you’ve got an awesome present that you know won’t be returned….and will be of value.

  15. Kathleen marler says

    I think one of the most important things to consider when planning to stockpile is organization. You have to be organized and have the space to keep your stockpiles. If you don’t you’ll feel overwhelmed (and possibly be called to go on the hoarders show LOL).