Flash #Giveaway :: (20) FREE 12oz can of Starbucks Refresher Beverages Coupon :: CLOSED

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UPDATE:  This giveaway is CLOSED

The winner’s are: brian, petra, erin and barb

We have a FUN flash giveaway!  Enter to win (20) FREE 12oz can of Starbucks Refresher Beverages up to $2.39 expires 5/19/12.  This coupon is supposed to match at Walgreen’s during the week of 5/13/12 for a $.99 MONEY MAKER!  These are extremely HOT coupons!  We will have (4) winners.  The giveaway ends on Monday, 5/7/12 at 9 AM EST.

Coupon Beat is one of our favorite coupon clippers.  They are located in TN and are FAST shippers!  LOVE Coupon Beat!

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To enter:

Make any comments you want as long as they are related to coupons.


  1. Beatrice Pivanka says:

    Since I coupon I can help out family and friends.

  2. I like when companies have coupons for their products on their web sites

  3. happy couponing!

  4. Kathleen Marler says:

    Love couponing – I saved our family so much money last year, that we we able to plan a day-trip to Sea World, Orlando, FL…we saved over $800 last year using coupons (and the stockpiles will get us through this year – toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, diapers, various food items (spaghetti sauce, etc), and so much more!) I love couponing!

  5. Kathleen Marler says:

    I thought it was one comment per day, but I see many doing multiple comments, so …. as I’d love these coupons, too! Guess I’ll join the ranks – LOVE coupons, they save my family so much money. Family has come to visit, and remarked how expensive food is in Florida…they ask how I do it, I say couponing!!!

  6. Kathleen Marler says:

    Suggestion – get to know your store manager. Every time, I have lots of coupons to redeem (especially for free items), I pass them by the manager first…for a couple of reasons. One so that they have enough stock (stores really frown on one person taking all their stock of an item), second is that it makes checking out much easier (all coupons have been preapproved!). I’m always given a smile when I come into stores (grocery, walgreens, cvs, etc), it makes shopping pleasurable (and beneficial!)

  7. Kathleen Marler says:

    Not sure if everyone knows where to find extra coupons (besides buying newspapers). The first is your public library (we have 4 in a reasonable driving distance – and each has a basket where the coupons from the variety of newspapers they receive are kept. You clip what you want, leave the rest for others (because although you may not need that coupon, someone else might!). Second place is your local recycling area. Many people recycle their Sunday papers (and believe it or not, but lots of people don’t use coupons (shame on them!), so you’ll find whole inserts!). The other is asking friends, neighbors, family to save their coupons for you (you’ll be amazed at how many you can get this way).

    Remember always be kind (don’t empty the store shelves), share your bounty (family, friends, and local shelters).

  8. Kathleen Marler says:

    Kindness counts in couponing! When you are picking up saved coupons from family/friends – take them something that you got from your shopping trips (a tube of toothpaste, shampoo, etc) – they’ll be so appreciative, and awed at how much you saved, you just might get another couponing buddy!

  9. Wendy B. says:

    Love my coupons :)

  10. Kulpana A says:

    Coupon Beat has a good supply of coupons for this. A great idea for those of us who really like Starbucks Refreshers. :) Coupon Beat ships out very quickly, too.

  11. Kulpana A says:

    A great coupon for an awesome item!

  12. Kulpana A says:

    I like using 50 cent coupons at Kroger because they double them to a $1. A happy shopper!

  13. Kulpana A says:

    I got free Dawn hand renewal soap by using 50 cent coupons at Kroger. Coupons are great!

  14. Kulpana A says:

    I heard this somewhere and loved it: Couponing puts money back in your pocket!

  15. Kulpana A says:

    Clipping coupons is something I like to do while watching television.

  16. Kulpana A says:

    I like it so much when stores have coupon doubling weeks for $1 coupons. It’s even more savings.

  17. Maralea says:

    Great coupons in todays paper!

  18. Nancy B says:

    love good deals with coupons!

  19. Lots of good coupons in today’s paper! Ha~great minds think alike Maralea!

  20. This is a great coupon giveaway!

  21. Kulpana A says:

    I think I might need to get a bigger coupon binder or separate some categories. :/ It’s getting a bit full.

  22. These are hot coupons!

  23. I love to match coupons and sales!

  24. Couponing has really changed my life!

  25. I use coupons for freebies, which I then donate to the local food pantry

  26. do you ever leave coupons that you don’t use next to the item in the store hoping that someone else will be able to use them?

  27. Kulpana A says:

    Jamba juice is supposed to have a great coupon out: $2 off a smoothie.

  28. Kulpana A says:

    I think it’s more fun to start couponing with a friend. Then it also leads to a better savings because there are a lot of coupons that require you buy two of an item.

  29. Kulpana A says:

    These refreshers would be a great item for a mother’s day gift basket. I think a lot of mothers would enjoy that.

  30. Kulpana A says:

    The coupon matchups that StockpilingMoms post each week are very helpful. I appreciate the helpful coupon info.

  31. Kulpana A says:

    I wonder if there are people who don’t like using coupons. Are there people who don’t like to save money?

  32. Kulpana A says:

    Since I don’t have pets, I try to give away those coupons to people with them.

  33. Kulpana A says:

    Printable coupons have definitely played a great part in saving extra money. I’m so happy for them!

  34. Kulpana A says:

    Coupons.com is the best! One of my favorite places to print out coupons.

  35. Kulpana A says:

    My favorite coupon of last month was the $1.50 off any Silk product! Beautiful!

  36. I’d love to use this coupon with Walgreens money maker

  37. Kulpana A says:

    I didn’t know until recently that companies sometimes send you a coupon if you ask for one or give feedback on their products. I was unhappy with a new frozen entree I tried and notified the company. They sent me two coupons in the mail. ‘Twas very nice of them. :)

  38. yay for coupons!

  39. Kulpana A says:

    The coupons for restaurants are great. A fantastic meal for an even better price.

  40. Kulpana A says:

    I’m excited about some new coupons I got today for marshmellows. Going to make some treats with them.

  41. coupons help me stay within my budget

  42. sandra says:

    I love couponing…& I also enjoy when I have extras to hand them out so others will enjoy the savings as well!

  43. Kulpana A says:

    I pick the store with the best coupon matchups to shop at each week. I usually take me coupon binder in case I see anything I didn’t expect on sale.

  44. Kulpana A says:

    Using coupons is like a game almost, trying to see how low you can go on the shopping bill. How low can you go!

  45. Kulpana A says:

    I think I need to find a coupon trading group in my town. Trade in for a better savings.

  46. Kulpana A says:

    It’s hard to find coupons on produce, but I love them when I get them.

  47. Kulpana A says:

    I like when the store has their coupons on items, meaning I can still use my manufac. coupon for even more savings! I got some oscar mayers selects deli meat for $1.49, instead of $5.49 because of it.

  48. Beatrice Pivanka says:

    Because of couponing this will be the 2nd year I will be able to set food out by the mailbox for the mail carrier food drive.

  49. char coder says:

    i love coupons =)

  50. Ashley S says:

    I am new to couponing and hope to use it to help save my family some money now that I am staying home with our little one. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful page and for including a gluten free section!