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GFree Care Pack Review & Giveaway :: CLOSED

Gluten Free Samples and Coupons

Gluten Free Coupons and Samples

UPDATE: This giveaway is CLOSED
The Winner Is: Karol

If you are Gluten Free or know someone who is then you must try It is hands down the perfect way to “test drive” and educate yourself on a wide variety of Gluten Free brands.

There is nothing I dislike worse than trying a Gluten Free brand and finding out it tastes like cardboard or worse. I hate wasting my money on products that I taste bad and by trying them first you know if you want to invest in the products first.  With GFree Care Pack you are able to taste gluten free products without breaking the bank. In fact you will actually be able to save because the program includes coupons!

Every three months, GFree Connect will send a recurring gluten-free product “care package” called a GFree Connect Care Pack sent to your home. Each package will include approximately 25 or more gluten free items to sample, plus valuable coupons – some for free or heavily discounted items, professional/ organization information like celiac centers, health care professionals, support groups, and more. Each quarterly care package will contain different items, so you will enjoy tasting different foods sent directly to your home every three months.

Then, every three months (first week of August, first week of November, first week of February, etc.) they will mail you a new GFree Connect Care Pack filled with different samples from the previous mailing to try. After receiving your first GFree Connect Samples Care Pack, you can opt out of the program. Approximately 20 days prior to your second quarterly care pack mailing, you will receive a reminder email about the next mailing. If you do not wish to receive the next mailing, simply respond within 48 hours to opt out.

The care packs are based on what the Brand Partners have contributed for that quarterly mailing and their availability of samples. You can see what is included in the current pack here.

The Care Packs have a market value of over $120. Care Packs cost $29.99, but all new customers will receive the first Care Pack for only $19.99 (+S&H). They also offer a Loyalty program. Receive eight consecutive GFree Connect Care Packs, and the ninth Care Pack will be free!

I just recently recieved the May GFree Care Pack and I have to say I was really impressed. I feel like it is more than worth the cost. It was full of information, coupons and samples. You can see the photo above.

If you are unable to attend a Gluten Free Expo or Event where you are able to sample and collect coupons this is the next best thing! I am so impressed. The founder hopes this program will help a lot of people; they began this from their frustrations/difficulty getting many samples to try for their daughter who was diagnosed with Celiac 3+ years ago. They hope centralizing the process and trying new samples once every quarter will help connect people with new brands and/or new products offered by brands. I personally love and appreciate what they are doing and I think they “hit” a home-run on this one!

Giveaway: is offering (1) FREE GFree Care Pack to (1) lucky Stockpiling Moms reader. The giveaway ends on 5/21/12 at 9 am EST.  It is open to US residents ages 18+.

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Be sure to enter our 30 Day Surprise Giveaway too. – ends 6/12/12 at 9 am EST.

Disclaimer:  I received a GFree Care Pack for Review however all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. julie says

    I would love to win, I have been meaning to try skinny pop. I love finding new gluten free snacks

  2. Whitney Lindeman says

    I liked on Facebook – hoping I win! Thanks for the giveaway!
    walindeman at gmail dot com

  3. Whitney Lindeman says

    I have been suspecting lately that I may have issues with gluten. Would explain a lot of my health problems!

  4. Whitney Lindeman says

    Eating GF is extremely expensive – I worked as a demonstrator in a natural foods store and never did get used to those prices.

  5. Whitney Lindeman says

    I didn’t know Pirate’s Booty was GF! It’s one of my favorite snacks…good to know.

  6. Whitney Lindeman says

    I think this program is a truly excellent idea! I worked at a few GF expos where people could sample products, and that was ideal, but this really does sound like the next best thing. There are some really yummy GF products, and some that really do taste like cardboard.

  7. paige jagan says

    My mom has been gluten free since before it was the popular thing to was so new she had to diagnose herself, she had so many stomach issues and didnt know why, for a while she went on atkins and all of a sudden no more stomach aches, then as soon as she went off, back to them again, so after taking gluten out she has not had stomach problems for 10 years!

  8. Whitney Lindeman says

    Paige, that what’s going on with me right now, too. I’m kind of glad it’s the “popular thing to do” now, or I would have never known what was going on with me. Just thought I had a sensitive tummy always, and only recently realized it could be more.

  9. Whitney Lindeman says

    I’ve been trying to eat GF, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in tummy issues. When I’m good about eating GF, I feel much better…but I can sure tell when I don’t, too.