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#Giveaway :: Mother’s Day “Moment in Time” Gift Pack :: CLOSED

Update:  This giveaway is CLOSED

The Winner is: Maralea

We have a giveaway for a Mother’s Day “Moment in Time” Gift Pack from Hallmark.  In my opinion nothing says the very best like Hallmark.  When it comes to special occasions it is always my go-to place for gifts and cards.

There are several really neat gift ideas for Mother’s Day!  Check these out and then ever for a chance to win them!

Recordable Artwork: Canvas Art Kit 

Kids have drawn pictures for moms for years, but Hallmark’s Recordable Artwork Canvas Art Kit takes a Mother’s Day drawing to the next level by capturing a child’s voice and the story behind his or her artwork. Equipped with a canvas panel, Crayola washable paints and a big imagination, kids can paint mom or grandma a masterpiece that is then inserted into a 9”x9” recordable frame.

For a unique and final touch, kids record a 40-second special Mother’s Day message into the frame and share their unique story behind their art. With the Canvas Art Kit, a mom can play back her child’s precious little voice and experience his or her big imagination on Mother’s Day and any day.

Available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and anywhere Hallmark products are sold for $14.95.

Conversations to Keep: Recordable Book

Filled with open-ended questions that spark imaginative answers, “Mom and Me” and “Grandma and Me” Recordable Books capture the answers only a kid can give.

Within the book, kids record themselves answering a variety of questions, such as “If you and mom were aliens, what would you look like and what would you name your planet?” Or, “What does Mom do to show she loves you?”

Conversations to Keep: Recordable Books give Mom or Grandma a fun and easy way to capture the true personalities of her (grand) children so she can always remember that little voice and their time together.

Available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores for $24.95.  

Mother’s Day Greetings (A variety of 3 Mother’s Day cards)

Hallmark is taking Mother’s Day cards to a new level with a variety of innovations, including light and animation, as well as pop-ups with mechanics so complex that a card designer works with a Hallmark paper engineer to design and construct it. Did you even know there was such a thing as a paper engineer?!  They are gorgeous and really will let Mom know how much you love her.


Enter to win a Mother’s Day “Moment in Time” Gift Pack that includes a Hallmark’s Recordable Artwork Canvas Art Kit, a “Mom and Me” Conversations to Keep Recordable Book and a pack of new Mother’s Day cards.  This giveaway is open to US residents and ends on 5/7/12 at 9 am EST.

To enter:

Tell us what you are hoping for this year on Mother’s Day.

For bonus entries:

Make any additional comments as long as they relate back to Mother’s Day – your favorite memory, gift or other.



  1. Kimberly Manning says

    This Mother’s Day I am hoping for a stress free fun filled day with the people I love most!!!!!

  2. Linnea Wiedeman says

    hoping for a wonderful day with my family having a picnic in the park.

  3. Linnea Wiedeman says

    my best mothers day memory is bbqing by the river, with my new baby girl.

  4. Vicki says

    I would like to see my children and grandchildren.
    One memory, The Mother’s Day one of my daughters in law called me and praised and encouraged me on how I had raised my
    children including her hubby, my son.

  5. dawn n says

    funny memory from when I was young is when we would ask my mom what she wanted for mother’s day aand she would always say”all I want is my 3 kids to just get along for one day” I always thought it was funny but now I know what she means:)

  6. Jennifer gl says

    I’m hoping my mother-in-law enjoys her day, the special moments, the small thing & all the blessings.

  7. Jennifer gl says

    My fondness memories of Mother’s Day as a kid are spending endless hours in line at my grandmother’s favorite restaurant only to be served after more hours of waiting. To this day my mother refuses to go to a restaurant on that day and always opts for burgers on the grill :)

  8. Shanda says

    I hope for good weather on Mother’s Day so we can go to a local May Day parade.

  9. Maralea says

    My husband bought me an early Mother’s Day gift last night! A very pretty plant and plant stand!!

  10. Kimberly Manning says

    I’m thinking about taking my mom out to eat and to a movie for Mother’s Day!!!!! :)

  11. Carrie Phelps says

    My best gift to my Mother goes back to win I was in my early teens. I bought her a King & Queen ceramic salt & pepper set. She’s now had it for more than 35 years.

  12. Danielle Bupp says

    I really don’t need anything for Mother’s Day – I already got my present last month…a healthy and beautiful baby girl!

  13. JENNIFER R. says

    I am hoping for the opportunity for my 4 yr old daughter to send something special to her grandma and great grandma and make their days special even though we can’t see them.

  14. Alissa A says

    I’m hoping my family is all together in one place! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. debra cagg says

    I would love just to spend some time with my mom ,daughter n grandchildern. my best mothers day ,my daughter n I workerd together 14 years,we got into an argument one day over something that was realy stupid. we did not speek to each other for me what seemed like a life time .we still road to work together till it hurt me so bad i started driving my own car.well this went on about three weeks .on that mothers day she came over with a card n she had wrote the most touching not in it telling me how much she loved me n how she always would no matter what ,we cryed n laughed ,huged n kissed have been fine ever since.

  16. Danielle says

    I have 3 beautiful children that I spend Mother’s Day with, this year I’m hoping they all get along with no arguments!!! My mom passed away in 07, it’s hard not having her around. I miss her terribly.

  17. Kirsten Anderson says

    I’m not a mom, but we always invite my husband’s family over for mom’s day. I hope that they can all make it and have another wonderful memory with their moms!

  18. Kirsten Anderson says

    This would make a great gift to send to my mom up in Canada for Mothers Day!

  19. Brenda Blaine says

    The best mothers day gift so far would be a home made picture made by my son

  20. Tonya says

    Hope for a day of no work and just good times with the family! Doesn’t happen often with the hubby working two jobs so I can stay home with the kids. But life is good. :)

  21. Tonya says

    Love getting gift cards to the spa but then not being about to or remembering to schedule time to go. Being busy raising three small kids and trying to not let them miss out on anything I didn’t get to do when I was little. Love the library and all the free activities there and at museums. :) Mother’s day is a day for us to slow down and enjoy the blessings in our lives.

  22. Tamina Reed says

    This mothers day I am hoping I will have a relaxing day with those I love most.

  23. JulieC says

    I would love to spend time with my sis & her girls, just enjoying each other’s company & giggling with her young girls.

  24. Casey says

    I love home made artwork from my little one year old. It makes me smile everytime!

  25. michelle west says

    I also told my hubby first mother’s day that flowers werent worth the $$ because funds were tight. Wished he forget that now that its not.