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How To Freezer Cook Series – What can you freeze?

What can you freeze

Continuing with our How To Freezer Cook Series, I am most often asked, What can you freeze?  The answer is you can freeze any food or beverage. With that being said, you need to know that the quality may or may not be as good as before freezing. If I got the product for FREE or near free I never hesitate to give it a try. I am not out anything and generally speaking most things come out “edible”. There are some items that I would not serve to guests but are fine for “family”.


  • Flash freeze foods to protect them from freezing into one lump – that means freeze them on a pan (like fruit) and then after frozen place them into a freezer container.
  • Freeze ingredients that you use often in small amounts – like chopped onion or green pepper.
  • Wrap bread into freezer paper. Bread bags have tiny holes in the bag which will cause the bread to “stale” after thawed.
  • Mayonnaise does not freeze well (it gets soupy after it is thawed)
  • Date and label every item before you freeze it

I would suggest investing in a foodsaver if you are going to freezer cook. I personally love mine.

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