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Handprint Terra Cotta Planter

terra cotta handprint planter


I love this Mother’s Day Gift Idea :: Handprint Terra Cotta Planter.  This year if you are looking for a Mother’s Day Gift Idea then I have a frugal idea for you! Create a handprint terra cotta planter. Last Sunday, Peyton and I headed to Lowe’s and collected our supplies for around $10.

Terra Cotta Planter
Shellac Spray
Variety of Paints (water based)
Paint Brushes/Sponges
Potting Soil

This is where the memories and the fun begin. Peyton and I started by wiping our pot to be sure it was clean and let it sit in the sun to dry. We spread newspaper and got to work. We mixed colors (a fun lesson in itself) and then we painted the pot with lots of bright colors.

After it dried we coated Peyton’s hands with paint and added both of his handprints to the front of the pot. We added, Love, Peyton and the Year. Then Peyton asked if he could paint a surprise picture on the back of the pot. Of course I answered YES, so he created a family portrait of the back.

After the pot was dry, I put on some gloves and sent Peyton to the playground and I sprayed the pot, inside and out with shellac spray.   This was to be sure that all of Peyton’s precious artwork would last forever.  Several hours later I potted a flower with his help and our project was complete.  In the end there is nothing more precious to me than this gift. I personally wouldn’t trade it for all the material gifts in the world.  For $10 or less you can create a lasting memory and precious gift!

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