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Old Time Candy – Mother’s Day

Candy you ate as a kid®

Internet Retailer-an online magazine for internet merchants-has named one of its Best of the Web for 2012, calling the candy retailer a sweet site.

Old Time Candy enables shoppers to personalize the tops of candy boxes with their custom messages. And, recognizing that this is a perfect gift, the e-retailer offers an unusual service: a staff member will hand-write a gift card, adding a truly personal touch.

I personally use Old Time Candy! I love the idea and my friends and family always love when it shows up! I have sent this as an alternative to my out of town friends who have birthdays, anniversary’s, or who have suffered a loss. Candy makes everyone feel good. I actually did send this to a friend when he lost his mother. They said it was a feel good gift and they had so many flowers. Their kids loved it!! Below is an example of a box I sent! Check out the site, your friends and family will always remember this gift! I also have this company in our shopping tab for all orders after this post!
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