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DIY Frozen Cookie Dough

Save money by making your own DIY Frozen Cookie Dough

DIY Frozen Cookie Dough idea is a great way to save money! Don’t overpay for convenience foods. Make your own! It is so simple. I also love this because you can determine what ingredients go into your cookie dough!  If you are gluten free or eating clean this is great because you can make your cookie dough to suit.

Here is how you make DIY Frozen Cookie Dough

1.  Mix cookie dough

2.  Place cookie dough into ice cube tray

3.  Freeze ice cube tray

4.  Pop out and place in a freezer bag

Now when you want fresh baked cookies, you can bake a few at a time. This is a trick my Mom passed onto me that many bed and breakfast owners use. It is great way to enjoy cookies without feeling obligated to eat the entire batch. Perfect for portion control!

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