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TGI Friday’s – New Gluten Free Menu

TGI Friday's - New Gluten Free Menu


If you are looking for a Gluten Free and Allergen Free option when dining out then you may want to consider TGI Friday’s.  They have just updated their gluten free menu and they have a menu key that tells you what every item on the menu contains!

What I am thrilled about is the addition of a variety of new side items!  It was quite limited before with only 3 menu items for sides and now have expanded to include at least 8!  When you enter the lobby at the hostess stand just ask for the allergen/gluten free menu.  When you place your order be sure to tell your server you are gluten free and that you need your food prepared with new gloves and clean kitchen equipment.

If your server doesn’t “get it” or you don’t feel comfortable be sure to ask for the kitchen manager to be safe.  I have had a great experience every time I have eaten at Friday’s and the manager has always come to my table to check and informed that they used new gloves and tools which really helped put me at ease.  I would ask to speak to the Kitchen Manager if you have any concerns or before you place your order. Pictured above is the petite sirloin with lobster, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. YUM!

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