10 Items To Stockpile

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10 Items To Stockpile

I am always asked what are the top 10 items to stockpile. So I thought this would make a great post! We hope this helps you save money at the store!

10 Items To Stockpile

1. Toilet Paper – Great post on “How can you get free toilet paper?”

2. Bottled Beverages – Sports Drinks/Water (a must for sports and the summer)

3. Diapers

4. Pet Food

5. Gum/Candy

6. Laundry Detergent

7. Meat – Great post on manager’s specials

8. Storage products like foil, freezer bags

9. Personal Care – Shop the Drug Stores

10. Paper Plates, Cups and Plastic Wear

I do really well shopping at Kroger and strategically matching coupons. When there is a Mega Sale that is a great time to stockpile on paper goods and storage products.

It is all about watching the sales cycle and matching your coupons. Then strategically matching them on the smallest size allowable based on the wording on your coupon.

Stockpiling 101




  1. a few more items that you can save considerably on when you stockpile are cereal (combine sales and coupons) and school supplies

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  3. I would like to add in canned items. When the store has them for .29 I grab a bunch. Also I like to have peanut butter and spagettios. If power goes out you want something with some staying power. And while I dont like spagettios my kids do. And they have serving of veggies and some have whole grains.

  4. And baby wipes are essential! For a variety of uses.

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