30 Day Surprise #Giveaway :: CLOSED

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UPDATE:  This giveaway is CLOSED

The Winner Is: tina w.

It is BACK!  We know you LOVE it!  The 30 Day Surprise Giveaway returns!  We are once again going to stuff a Priority Mail Box FULL of great items and surprise one of YOU with it!

Each day we will add something else to the box and you can come back DAILY to enter! We promise this is a giveaway that will be WORTH your time and fun to see everything we add too!  If you remember we hosted a 30 day giveaway and the 40 Day Giveaway which was a huge success so we hope this one will be too!  We have some GREAT items up our sleeves too! We have been collecting items for your from some of recent travels…hint, hint…

The giveaway is open to all US Residents ages 18+.  It will end on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 4:30 pm ET.

There are multiple ways to enter.  Make comment for each that you do.

1. Subscribe to our RSS Feed and/or through Email (get one email a day from us – no spam).  This is two methods of entry if you do both.  If you already subscribe just tell us and if you are a new subscriber confirm your subscription and then make a comment.

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Daily Methods of Entry:

1.  Come back and say “Daily Entry” with the date.

2.  Pin ANY of our posts to Pinterest – Make a comment that you did.  You can get one entry for each post you pin.

Have FUN!


  1. Is anyone coming back?

  2. I’m here by my lonesome…

  3. this is my daily daily daily entries for today!

  4. anything good on tonight?

  5. daily entries 6/12

  6. Kendra Herbert says:

    Daily Entry 6/12

  7. daily daily entry for June 12th

  8. If I were on twitter, I’d tweet!

  9. are we still commenting? I hope so!!

  10. Woo Hoo, this is great!

  11. anybody out here?

  12. am I the only one here?

  13. we have thunder again…

  14. gmcarthur says:

    Hi Geri, You’re still at it I see. If you don’t win someone is going to have to teach me some more about the law of averages!!!!!! Best of luck and thanks for making me giggle.

  15. gmcarthur..lol thank you!

  16. I need some dessert..

  17. gmcarthur says:

    Do you think any of these comments since 9 am have counted?

  18. ..just a sliver of pumpkin cheesecake would do me!

  19. You know..I don’t know, with my luck, probably not..lol

  20. gmcarthur says:

    ps I miss Survivor ,too.

  21. I keep hearing laughter…look, she’s still at it, it’s been closed since 9am..

  22. Kathleen Jones says:


  23. I love it, been watching it for years..always wanted to try out..

  24. gmcarthur says:

    Off to watch those nutty O C housewives – – – they make me feel like my life is almost normal. Goodnight.

  25. Not sure if there’s a winner yet…

  26. gmcarthur says:


  27. Layered Turtle Cheesecake, big yum!..great minds think alike!

  28. I have to see that recipe…

  29. Have.to. have. cheesecake.now

  30. Good night gmcarthur~nice to have met you!

  31. It’s almost time for another daily entry..

  32. Daily entry again!

  33. What if..this contest has been closed already?

  34. Heeheehaha..yes, just call me crazy then..lol

  35. I’m starting to fade…

  36. maybe time for some coffee?

  37. It’s raining again..

  38. raining alot now…

  39. I really hope the electricity doesn’t go out!

  40. No electricity, no comments for me.

  41. so if I’m away for awhile, I’m okay..it’s just my electricity..lol

  42. hello, anyone here?

  43. I’ll be back..

  44. Still open?

  45. Does anyone know what I should take for Chronic Commenting Syndrome?

  46. oh, it’s a very good rain!

  47. row row row your boat..

  48. Is it closed yet?

  49. Is it still open??

  50. Hi everyone!