DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets

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DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets

I love this DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets. Next time you are hosting a summer get together at your house, make sure you have these fun and easy DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets on hand to provide the kiddos with some summer fun of their own!  The would also make a great Easter Basket or Birthday Party Favor.

Everything in the bucket was purchased at the dollar store!  Including the bucket!

DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets

DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets:


  • Small plastic bucket
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Foam brush or regular paintbrushes work too
  • Other small trinkets or candy
  • Basket filler
  • Wax paper

Step 1:  Cut a small piece of wax paper

DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets

Step 2:  Roll the chalk into the wax paper and twist the ends of the paper to give it a cute candy look

Step 3: Insert the basket filler in the bottom of the bucket

DIY Kids Fun Activity Buckets

Step 4: Fill each bucket with bubbles, chalk, candy, and paint brush

Step 5:  After the kiddos arrive, remove the basket filler and other items and fill with water.

Step 6:  Let the kiddos loose outside with their buckets of water and paint brushes and let them go to town “painting” the sidewalks!

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