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DIY Star Wars Party

DIY Star Wars Party

I love this DIY Star Wars Party idea.  I took Peyton to a Star Wars party at the Independence library!  He had a blast!  They provided dark brown cloth “robes” for each attendee when they arrived to dress the part of the Jedi.  Peyton of course he wore his own Anakin costume that I picked up after Halloween on clearance for 90% off.

DIY Star Wars Party

DIY Star Wars Party:

They made light sabers from a pool noodle cut in half.  Such a great (and safe idea).  They had pool noodles cut in half and had attached duct tape for the handle.  Then they  decorated their light sabers with colored electrical tape and stickers.  This was a great safe use of how to use pool noodles after the swimming season.  This could be easily replicated for at home safe play too – you could buy the pool noodles after the swim season or at the Dollar Tree to save some money!

DIY Star Wars Party

After they played a party game with balloons and their light sabers trying not to let them drop to the ground.

For refreshments  at the Star Wars party they drank yoda punch (green hi-C or kool-aid) and had cupcakes.  They read a Star Wars story to the kids and ended with an assortment of games.  It was a great party and Peyton had a lot of fun.

DIY Star Wars Party

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