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DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame

Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame is perfect for gift giving

I love this DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame.  It is perfect for gift giving.  I think it would be a great wedding or birthday present.

Monogram Frame:


Picture Frame
Piece of cardstock to fit inside frame
Monogram letter of your choice
Glue dots

Vintage Buttons

Step 1: Print out your monogram letter of choice being mindful of what size frame you are using. My frame is a 5×7 so my letter is about 4×6
Step 2: Carefully cut out your letter
Step 3: With a pencil, lightly trace the outline of your letter onto the cardstock
Step 4: Begin arranging your buttons to fill in the monogram letter and secure each button with a glue dot

Vintage Buttons

Step 5: Once you have filled all of the voids with buttons gently erase what did not get covered up of your pencil marks and place your masterpiece in the frame. Enjoy!

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