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How can I find Kroger Store Coupons?

how can I find Kroger Coupons

This is one of the NUMBER 1 questions that I get asked at classes is “How can I find Kroger Store Coupons?” So, I thought it was time to share how to find Kroger Store Coupons with you all!

How Can I find Kroger Store Coupons:

Kroger Plus Card – If you don’t have a Kroger Plus card, get one immediately.  You can get one at any Kroger service desk and begin using it immediately.  Be sure to register your Kroger Plus card online with your current mailing address.  This is how you will get the mailers and flyers! Be sure that your Kroger Card has the most current address on it.

1.  Load Coupons Digitally to Kroger Plus Card – Read about how I strategically do that.  This is a HUGE savings!  You can load while you are in store and they will be redeemed immediately at check out.  I strategically load based on which paper coupons that I have available.  Sometimes I find Digital Coupons are better than my paper coupons.

Free Friday Download – each week on Friday for 1 day only you can load (1) FREE product coupon to your kroger card!  Visit before 11:59 p.m. PST today, and download your coupon within (2) weeks.

2.  Custom Kroger Coupons Mailers – Kroger mails coupons every quarter based on your spending.  If they don’t have your correct mailing address you won’t receive these in the mail.  If you are not getting these they are linked to the address that you signed up with when you applied for your Kroger Plus card – call this number to update your current mailing address – these are high value coupons based on your spending – 1-888-553-3003.

3. Mailers – Kroger mails bi-monthly booklets filled with recipes and tip and coupons – be sure to call and ask to be on these mailing lists – 800-576-4377

Additional Kroger Coupons:

Senior Citizen Discounts – On the first Wednesday of every month, seniors that use their Kroger Plus Cards get 10% off their entire purchase.  Check with your local store to see if they participate and if so what day.

Catalina’s – You can earn Catalina’s at Kroger.  Catalina’s are based on a purchase you make.  Sometimes if you purchase a brand you will get a $ off another brand coupon or CAT.  However if you have a qualifying purchase say where you purchase x of a particular brand in the same order you will earn a $ off your next order.  These are called OYNO (On Your Next Order) Catalina’s.  Read more about using Catalina’s.

Kroger 1-2-3 MasterCard – Enjoy additional rewards and savings with this credit card.

In general if you have any coupon related questions call this number – 800-576-4377. Customer Service Center hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST.

Be sure you are familiar with the Kroger Corporate Coupon Policy too!

We post a weekly Kroger Matchup to save you money when shopping at Kroger.  It is a free customizable printable shopping list.



  1. Ebony says

    Thanks! I found this post after searching how to get Kroger paper coupons. I called and not only did we get my address issues resolved (I stopped getting them when I moved), I got a $10 dollar store credit to make up for the missing coupons this month.

  2. says

    Great post! I called the number, and also got my address resolved. As I had never registered it, so now I am on the list. But the coupons only come out every few months for my area. (Guess times have changed.) Either way, it will good to see them arrive in August!

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