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Tips for Transitioning from school to summer

I am often asked how I do everything that I do and still keep it all in order.  I think one thing that really helps is that we follow a routine.  It really helps keep our lives in order and my son thrives with routine.  Hopefully these posts will help.  With summer coming I think we are all adjusting into a new routine.  I know for us our routine is more flexible however we still follow a routine.  We limit screen time (year round) and still have bed time routines.  In fact we only extend bedtime by 30 minutes in the summer.  It is just keeps us all happy.

Something else that helps us is that we use a Summer Learning Basket.  It really helps because the basket is full of resources that are new to my son and he enjoys using them because of that!

Here are two posts that may help you with routine:

Tips for limiting screen time (kids)

Tips for making mealtime easier

Be sure to check out Summer Fun posts for ways to enjoy your summer!

Do you have any tips as we transition from school to summer?


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