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Zoe’s Kitchen Restaurant Gluten Free Menu & Review

Zoe's Kitchen Restaurant Gluten Free Menu & Review

I was recently traveling in Dallas, TX and found Zoe’s Kitchen – Fresh Catering and had the pleasure of eating there. I was walking by and saw the Gluten Free menu and of course that drew me right in :-)

I asked the cashier to see the Gluten Free Menu and she replied most everything on our menu is gluten free minus the bread. Well that was pretty exciting so I looked at the menu and settled on the Chicken Kabobs (two kabobs, grilled peppers and onions, tomato, rice pilaf, side Greek salad).  I have to say it was very tasty!  I was thrilled to be traveling and not stressing over what I was going to eat and the fact that it tasted good and was reasonably priced was a major win too!  The meal was $8.95.  You do order at the cashier and then they bring your food to your table with self service drinks.

I did sample the iced green tea and I have to say that was not a win for me but water with lemon is free and served me quite well. If you are traveling or have a Zoe’s Kitchen in your area be sure to check it out.

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my product and all opinions are 100% my own.

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