Crockpot Ranch Chicken
Complete Steak Dinner in a Crockpot final
Loaded Chicken and Potatoes Casserole
Breakfast Casserole

Back to School Cashback at @Ebates

It is Back To School time  at Ebates! They are celebrating with double cash back at the following stores!

Walmart, 3.5% Cash Back

Sephora, 8% Cash Back

Nordstrom, 5% Cash Back

Kohl’s, 6% Cash Back

Sears, 4% Cash Back

Macys, 6 % Cash Back

Amazon, 3% Cash Back

Lands End, 6% Cash Back

Be sure to join the Savvy Living Community too!  We talk about saving money and more!  If you haven’t joined I am a community leader and would love for you to join me.

Be sure to check out Back To School Deals for more ways to save!


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