Back To School:: Claire’s Bonus Bucks

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Bonus Bucks are back! This is one sale that can’t be beat–get a $10 credit for every $20 spent at Make a purchase between July 12 and August 25 for $20; earn $10 in bonus bucks to redeem between August 26 and September 16 towards a purchase of $20 or more.

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  1. Rebecca Balough says:

    Thanks for posting this. The coupon seemed really confusing to me, and when I went to the store and asked about it the lady gaveme some really long answer that didn’t answer my questions at all.

  2. It *is* really confusing! I bought $20 of items online, thinking I was getting a $10 card to spend at Claire’s.. not realizing I have to spend $20 MORE to get the $10 card. So actually, I have to spend $40 to save $10. I’m actually quite upset about this. It’s very misleading in my opinion.

  3. I meant “$20 MORE to *use* the card”…. not get the card.

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