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How to freeze raspberries – What is flash freezing?

How to freeze raspberries - What is flash freezing

Since it is raspberry season I thought I would share with you how to freeze raspberries.  This process can also be used for any other berry.

Step 1: Rinse your berries in cold water in a colander (be careful not to mash).  Discard any damaged berries that are growing mold or no longer fresh.

Step 2:  While still slightly damp line the raspberries in rows on a metal cookie sheet.

Step 3:  Place in the freezer carefully without tilting the pan.  Leave in the freezer for 2 hours.  This is called flash freezing.  You are simply freezing the berries individually so that when placed in a storage bag or container that they won’t “lump” together.

Step 4:  Finally transfer the berries from the cookie sheet to a freezer safe storage container.  Be sure to date your berries with a permanent marker.

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  1. Jennifer says

    When you are ready to use the berries I assume you just leave them on the counter to thaw. What can you use them for? Can you juice them? Can you eat them whole? Or are they only for cooking?

  2. Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

    Great question. You can use them for any of the above. Great in cooking or I often let them thaw or rinse them and use on yogurt or in smoothies. I also juice them.

  3. says

    I use frozen berries mostly to put in my kids’ oatmeal. I toss them in and stir–it cools down the oatmeal so they can eat it right away and thaws the berries! And don’t forget fruit smoothies. You can eliminate ice with the frozen berries–or frozen whatever–I freeze all fruits for that! You can also put them in muffins, breads, or puree for spreads, quick syrup toppings, ice cream…awesome mixed in with any dessert!

  4. Terri R. says

    I want to try this with blackberries. They’ve been cheap lately and I want to stock up. I’ll probably use them mostly for topping cereal.

  5. Michelle says

    I also freeze watermelon for our smoothies. I flash freeze it and put some in individual bags and then in a gallon sz bag. Then I can take out just what I need for the smoothies.

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