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Kroger Matchup 7/23 – 7/29

Just getting started at Kroger or want to learn more?  Check out the updated Kroger Coupon Policy.

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This matchup is from the Greater Cincinnati/NKY Sales Division. Our stores double up to $.50 and $.51 -$.99 up to $1.00.

Ways to save at the store:

Weekly Deals at Kroger
Weekly Deals at Meijer
Weekly Deals at Remke/biggs
Weekly Deals at Walmart
Weekly Deals at Aldi
Weekly Deals at CVS
Weekly Deals at Walgreens
Weekly Deals at Target

Bloggers do not copy and post this matchup without permission. You may link to it without permission.

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  1. Janie says

    I wish the $1.00 items list was entered individually so when I make my print list I can check only the items I want to get. Just my opinion to make it a little easier. Love all you do Melissa!

  2. Rachel says

    Just as a heads up, you need to remove the Speedstick matchup. The one’s for $1 are the 2 oz and 1.4 oz kind and the coupon states that you cannot use them on 2 oz, 1.4 oz or .5 oz.

  3. Beth says

    The Angel Soft needs to be removed as well as the coupon I have says only for 4 double rolls and the sale is for single roll packs only

  4. Ashton says

    Beth, at my Kroger they don’t offer the double rolls of angel soft so they allow the coupon for regular rolls.

  5. Bonnie C says

    So Melissa, you are saying that it’s okay to use a coupon that doesn’t apply to an item as long as the store accepts it?

    I’m talking the Angel Soft.. if the coupon says DOUBLE rolls, it is not meant for SINGLE rolls.

    I’m disappointed that you are telling someone this.. This is not using the coupon as the MANUFACTURER wants you to.

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