DIY How to Make Cloud Dough

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DIY How to Make Cloud Dough

I am in love with DIY How to Make Cloud Dough. I’m not sure who was more excited (me or my daughter) about trying this DIY to make “cloud dough” but it sure was fun for both of us!  Aside from being a wonderful sensory activity for young kids, your hands will be so soft after making this!  The consistency of this cloud dough is as soft as flour, but when compacted is has the consistency of wet sand.

Think of other possibilities with this cloud dough outside of your own personal house.  Why not package this up in a cute container and put the container inside a sand bucket with some sand toys as a birthday gift?

A special note for our gluten free friends!  Try using a gluten free rice flour as a substitute.  The texture is a bit more gritty, but compacts and molds together just the same!




  • 8 cups of flour (I had whole wheat flour on hand, hence the sand color!) (Also, the 8 cups makes a lot for 1 child, feel free to cut this ratio down to 4 cups flour : 1/2 cup of oil)
  • 1 cup of baby oil
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Plastic tote or other large container
  • Optional: Molds, sand toys, trucks, shovels

Step 1:

Measure 8 cups of flour and add to mixing bowl

Step 2:

Pour in 1 cup of baby oil

Step 3:

Mix with your hands until the oil is mixed thoroughly.

Step 4:

Transfer into a large container and have fun!  (I allowed my little one to play with this outside on the front porch and I’m glad I did.  It was a little on the messy side, but cleaned up easily.)

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  1. My son and I did this a couple weeks ago and he LOVED it! Thank goodness we were outside because he thought it would be fun to make snowballs and throw them everywhere! :-)

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