Germ Juice

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Check out this idea for Germ Juice that we found on Pinterest.  Germ Juice is perfect for Back to School to help keep your kids be germ free.  Teachers will love these in their classrooms too!  All Germ Juice is a large bottle of Hand Sanitizer decorated.  I would suggest this idea for older children who understand it is not really juice.  Of course there is no true way to “drink it” but you could name it Germ Away or something if you are concerned.

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  1. Hi, is there an actual recipe to make it, or is it all about making the bottle of store bought stuff cute??

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says:

      It is just all about making it cute for the classroom – I think a take off on “bug” juice :-)

      I buy these large bottles at Sam’s though for good price.

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