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Jitter Juice

Help Back To School Nerves with "Jitter Juice"

Have you heard of Jitter Juice?  It is a great way to help your kids with First Day of School Jitters. I really believe it can help make those jitters go away!  Feel free to substitute any juice you would like.  In fact I used red powerade and my son loved it!  My son doesn’t drink any carbonated drinks however if I put an umbrella in any beverage and serve it in a “stemmed” glass it becomes special :-)

Jitter Juice:

Do you have the jitters?  It is normal on the first day of school.

Take a drink of this special juice and it will help settle your tummy.

Just remember that if you are nervous that is OK, this juice will help the butterflies go away.

When that happens just remember that I am always with you in your heart even if I can’t be there in person.

I like to draw a small heart on my son’s palm for him to look at when he gets nervous throughout the day :-)

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Jitter Juice
Recipe type: Beverage
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
  • Hawaiian Punch or any Red Beverage
  • Sprite, 7UP or Siera Mist
  1. Mix Hawaiian Punch and Sprite together.
  2. Drink after reading First Day Jitters.

Be sure to check out Magic Confetti too it is another great way to help with Jitter’s!

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    • Sue says

      No need to be rude. She is simply trying to create fun ideas with your kids. If you feel the need, substitute the juice ideas with something organic and healthy. It is still a fun idea!

  1. Kristin says

    Thank you for sharing! It is a cute idea! I might subitute with orange juice and seltzer water! I know my kids will have the jitters!

  2. Jamie says

    Love this idea & think it’s totally adorable –especially as a ‘one time thing’ it’s fun & a special treat! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Susan says

    My son is a first grader and his teacher did this yesterday. He was so excited!! To those of you who don’t want their kids to have sugar, etc. that is your decision, but my motto is “let a kid be a kid”. A little bit of sugar won’t kill them.

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