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How Do I Start Stockpiling?

Stockpiling 101 - How to Get Started Stockpiling

How Do I Start Stockpiling?  Are you new to stockpiling? Do you want to learn how to save thousands of dollars a year like we do?

If so start by reading our Stockpiling 101 Series and watching our Videos. We also offer coupon classes too! Check out our calendar for upcoming classes and events.

Stockpiling 101 Series:

What is a stockpile?

How do you build a stockpile?

How to use the freezer to stockpile

Monthly Menu Planning

Collecting your coupons

Create a junk email account

Understanding the sales cycle

Organizing your coupons

Sunday KY/Cincinnati Enquirer Deal

Coupon organization – How I sort and file

Coupon Lingo

Matching your coupons


How to create a price book


What is a Catalina?

Stockpiling for the holiday’s

Foodsaver and stockpiling

Bar codes and correct use

Entertaining your children on a coupon run

Brands and product size

Organizing your stockpile

Inventory your stockpile – FIFO

Checking out – Make sure your hard work pays off

Filing complaints with corporate

Stockpiling for emergencies

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Understanding Coupons

Stockpiling with Little Storage

Store Coupon Policies – How to coupon at all the stores!

How does Price Matching Work?

What if you Catalina doesn’t print?

We also have a 7 Days of Stockpiling Series:

Day 1 –Utilizing Coupon Clippers

Day 2 – Organizing Your Coupons

Day 3 – How Do I Build A Stockpile?

Day 4 – How To Be An Extreme Couponer

Day 5 – Overage

Day 6 – Utilizing the Freezer

Day 7 – Living in the “Land” of Doubles



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