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DIY Mummified Juice Boxes

Halloween Treat

I love these DIY Mummified Juice Boxes. Halloween is right around the corner!  Which also means for you parents of youngsters, lots of school parties!  This year is no exception for me, it’s my daughter’s first school Halloween party.  We are limited to what we may bring in because of food allergies in the classroom, but just because there are limitations, it doesn’t mean ordinary snacks can’t be transformed into something fun for a party!

Halloween Treat

Juice boxes
Gauze on a roll
Hot glue gun
Squiggle eyes

Step 1:

Remove the plastic wrapper containing the straw from the box.  You will end up just tucking the plastic wrapped straw in the back of the juice box.

Halloween Treat

Step 2:

Begin wrapping the juice box with gauze tightly around the box.  Wrap several times so you don’t see the packaging underneath.

Step 3:

Using hot glue, glue the end of the gauze strip to the back of the juice box.

Step 4:

Hot glue 2 squiggle eyes to the front of the juice box.  You can even pull up the gauze slightly over the eyes to make it a little extra spooky!

Halloween Treat

Step 5:

Tuck the plastic wrapped straw in gauze on the back of the juice box.


Leslie, a frugal fashionista, DIY creator, party planner, working momma with a crazy toddler and an very tolerant husband! I love to create and hope to inspire others to create along with me! She blogs at Jar of Vintage Buttons.

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