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How to get rid of Fruit Flies with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to get rid of Fruit Flies with Apple Cider Vinegar?  I have a very strong dislike to those flying pesky things known as fruit flies. Can anyone else relate to this???  I have tried several methods over the years and this way has been by far the most successful :-)  All you need is a small bowl and Apple Cider Vinegar! That’s right only 2 things to help keep the fruit flies away!

All I do is pour a small amount in a bowl and leave it out on the counter overnight and when I wake in the morning they are in the bottom! So whenever they start getting bad I just simply do this for a couple days and it seems to help get rid of the pesky flies.

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  1. Kathleen N says

    I recently had a problem with fruit flies due to some over ripe bananas. The apple cider vinegar worked for me. I made a funnel by snipping a corner of a baggie and then fitted it over the top of the glass. I set a few glasses around the kitchen. After two or so days rinsed out them out and set out some fresh apple cider vinegar to catch the rest.

  2. Cassandra J says

    So glad I saw this!!! I am having an issue with them right now and actually just bought some apple cider vinegar for a recipe. I can’t wait to try this out!

  3. says

    This is pretty great. My girlfriend mentioned doing this in our kitchen to keep the bugs off the counters since summer is coming up. I had never heard of it. I ended up here after some research. Great article, thanks for the tips. You have a lot of great information on this site, I’ll be back very soon.

  4. Michelle G says

    I’ve always heard to add just a small drop of liquid hand soap. The vinegar helps to attract them and the soap drowns them. You can also use wine

  5. jen says

    my remedy for those pests is in a plastic cup put a small piece of bread then cover and fill cup about half way with beer (any kind of light beer works best) then get a piece of plastic wrap and cover the top of the cup and poke holes with a toothpick make sure to secure the plastic wrap to the cup with tape or rubber bands whatever gives you a complete seal around the cup and the plastic wrap is tight and leave out for a day or two and you will see them in the cup ……. the can get in but they never seems to get out !

  6. Margie Blake says

    Great suggestions, thanks. I have used apple cider vinegar in an open bowl with couple drops of dishwashing detergent to drown them and it works wonders with ripe bananas on the counter. Thanks for reminding us to “Keep It Simple”!

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