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DIY Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving Decorations

I love this DIY Thankful Tree.  I love Thanksgiving not only for the family and food, but for the chance to express everything we are thankful for in our lives.  This easy and nearly FREE DIY will allow you to write down what you are thankful for and display it proudly.  I plan on making several leaves for my Thanksgiving dinner guests to fill out and then we will display them on the tree before dinner.  The supplies are minimal, and since I had 2 scraps of paper at home and some adhesive, this project was completely free!

Tree branch
Vase or other container
Adhesive or string

Step 1:
Place your tree branch in a vase or other container.  I had this pretty pitcher on hand.

Step 2:
Begin cutting out leaf shapes with your cardstock.  I free-handed mine, so they certainly aren’t perfect.  You could even trace a real leaf and cut out.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Step 3:
Ask your family what they are thankful for or have them each fill out a leaf.  Have plenty on hand if you are planning for your Thanksgiving guests to fill them out.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Step 4:
Place a small amount of adhesive to the back of the leaf and arrange on the branch.  You could also punch a hole and thread some string or ribbon through the paper leaf to hang from the branch.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Step 5:
Read your thankful tree items daily to be reminded of what you are thankful for in your life.

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