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Get A Jump Start on Black Friday

Stockpiling Moms will be bringing you the deals throughout the holiday season and we are excited about it!  I always do so much to  prepare for the holiday season and especially for Black Friday!  You need a plan and the more prepared you are the more successful your shopping will be.

Here are some of my planning tips:

Preshop – I always preshop.  Take your kids to your local toy store and scope out the toys they find interesting.  When the kids find something they like snap a picture of them with their toy.  After taking their pictures with the toys I have them  choose five favorites.  We email their top five picks to Santa and the holiday season is ready to go!  You then have a picture of exactly what they want and you will not be second guessing yourself at the store.   Children are so affected by the media. My kids have seen toys on commercials and when they saw the toy in person they didn’t even like it.  This will save you a lot of money and avoid after holiday returns!

Pretry – My sister and I always go on our pretry of our spree!  If we want things from a particular store we go try them on and record all of our sizes.  When it is time to black Friday shop we no longer are standing in dressing room lines but head straight to the check out!  This will decrease your shopping hours and will decrease the chance of all the sizes you need being held up at dressing room return racks.  You get there ASAP, walk straight to the rack, and pull the size you know you need.

Online Ordering – You do not have to wait for Cyber Monday.  Sales will often start online Thanksgiving Day, run all the way through Cyber Monday, and beyond.  Be sure to shop though Ebates when you shop online to save even more!

Gift Cards – You should always buy your gift cards for Black Friday shopping at Kroger.  Watch for 4X gas rewards and save money by saving on your gas! You are purchasing at the stores anyway so save on your gas while you shop!

PreMapping – Premapping the store is not worth your time unless you can get someone to confirm your layout.  Why?  They move everything around for early bird specials and Black Friday deals.  It is hard to get a confirmed layout and guessing is wasting your time!

Be sure to visit our Black Friday tab on the top Menu Bar with all of the Black Friday Deals as they are posted.

Be sure to visit all of our Black Friday Deals.

Be sure to check out more our Tips for your Black Friday Plan of Attack! Be sure to enter our Countdown to Black Friday Surprise Giveaway that ends on 11/25/12 at midnight EST.


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