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How to Clean White Spots out of Wood

How to Clean White Spots out of Wood

How to Clean White Spots out of Wood?  Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those dull white spots that appear on wood or have you ever found a white ring on a wood table.  I have found a natural way to clean the wood and make those spots disappear. All you need is White Vinegar and a rag!

Just pour some vinegar into your sink or a bowl. Drench your rag in the vinegar and then wipe down the wood and let air dry. You can repeat this as often as you like because it is safe on all wood. I love to do this on my kitchen table and afterwards it is sparkling!  If you want you can add 2 drops of any citrus essential oil to not only make it smell great but will add disinfection

How to Clean White Spots out of Wood
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    There is nothing more satisfying than something that is sparkling and clean. I have used vinegar with great success on mirrors. I never thought about using it on wood.

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