How to cook bacon in the oven

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How to cook bacon in the oven with no mess and less fat

I wanted to share with you a Kitchen Tip for how to cook bacon in the oven without a mess and with less fat!  Our family LOVES bacon!  I started cooking it in the oven to avoid messing up my kitchen years ago.  There is nothing better in my opinion than thick bacon that is cooked in the oven.  Just spread it out on a cooking stone (mine is Pampered Chef) and bake at 400 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes or until desired doneness.

Another tip is to place a cooling rack in your stone and place the bacon on top of the cooling rack and place it in the oven to bake.  By doing this the bacon cooks nice and crisp and the fat cooks off. Because the bacon is not sitting in the fat while it bakes it will be really crisp and will have less fat!  There is also no need to drain it on paper towels when you are done!  You can line your pan with foil for an easy cleanup.  I prefer to let the grease bake into my stone because it seasons it more.  You can use this technique on a stone or traditional baking pan.

If you choose to bake it directly on the stone after you are done simply remove the bacon to paper towels to drain and then enjoy!  Then use the paper towels to soak up the grease from your pan and dispose.

Tip:  You can sprinkle with brown sugar or real maple syrup prior to baking for a sweet treat!

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  1. You can also use cooling racks to get it extra crispy as well as tinfoil underneath to catch all the grease. :-)

  2. Melissa@StockpilingMoms says:

    With a stone or a regular baking sheet? Great tip!

    Mine gets really crispy on the stone :-)

  3. I have been doing this for a year now, and is sooooo much easier. fool proof bacon.

  4. Barb Quirouet says:

    This sounds silly, but does it mess up your oven?

  5. Kathy j. H. says:

    I will have to try this next time I make bacon..whooo hooo!!

  6. Edna Simpson says:

    So, what temp. do you put your oven on and how long do you cook it for.

  7. Lisa Taylor says:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  8. LaDonna Hart says:

    Lay them out on pan and bake it

  9. sharon harris says:

    I always cook my bacon like this. I think it is a lot easier to cook it this way.

  10. Shannoyn Woloszyn says:

    How does the fat and grease not run out into oven when baking on cooking stone?

  11. Belinda Hamilton says:

    I love regular buttermilk.

  12. I did I want to win!!

  13. I love cooking bacon in the oven. Its the only way!

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