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Kroger Success :: Halloween Clearance :: Savings of $79.88!

My Kroger has their Halloween Clearance marked down to 70% off! So I was able to pick up some great things for my stockpile for my family to use next year or to give as gifts. I got a total of 16 items for less than $30.00. Here is a breakdown of what I got and how much it was before clearance.

5, LED Pumpkin lights – $1.99 each, clearance .60

2, Pumpkin Masters Carving Books, $4.99 each, clearance $1.49

1, Thomas & Friends train, $2.99 each, clearance .90

1, Pumpkin Masters Power Saw, $8.25, clearance $2.50

1, Light up Pumpkin decoration, $5.99, clearance $1.80

1, Air Blow Up Pumpkin Stack, $30.00, clearance $9.00

1, Witch’s Hat decoration, $3.00, clearance .90

1, Pumpkin Scooper, $5.99, clearance $1.80

2, Pumpkin Lawn Bags, $2.99, clearance .90

1, Cowboy Hat, $6.00, clearance $1.80

Total OOP = $28.06 Savings of $79.88!

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