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Value Priced Keurig Kcups :: Coffee Sale Today at Cross Country Cafe

I am so excited to share with you a resource for value priced Keurig Kcups.  I think one of the most frequent questions I get asked is where to buy discounted Kcups!  My husband and I love our Keurig.  I think it is the best invention and I don’t know what we could do with it.  However those little Kcups can get expensive (especially if you drink multiple cups a day).

Cross Country Cafe is my new favorite source for Kcups.  Every Wednesday they have a Wacky Wednesday Sale. Today’s offer is ONLY good through today, November 7th!  We are going to start sharing these deals with you each week.

Cross Country Cafe actually sent us a box of their Kcups to try and I have to share with you that they are amazing!  I tried the Cinnamon Roll Kcups and they are so delicious!  There is a nice flavor of cinnamon that is delicious!  Several months ago they sent me a variety box and I loved every single flavor I tried from tea, lemonade/tea, hot chocolate and all the coffee varieties.  The only one we didn’t like was the coconut.

This week they are featuring three Wacky Wednesday Deals:

  • Donut Shop Extra Bold Kcup Coffee- $10.99 per box of 24
  • Cafe Classics Jamaican Me Crazy pods $3.75 per box of 15
  • Donut Shop Classics Chocolate Coconut Cake $7.50 per 1lb bag

The shipping is $8 flat rate and when you purchase 12 boxes or more you get FREE shipping!  If you are looking for Christmas Gifts this would be a great time to order or to STOCKPILE.

To order click HERE or the image above.





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