12 Days of Christmas #Giveaway #2 :: $100 Molly Maids Gift Certificate :: CLOSED

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UPDATE: This giveaway is CLOSED
The Winner Is: Patricia W C

We are so excited about our annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event this year. As we celebrate THREE Years blogging at StockpilingMoms.com on December 9th and we always like to celebrate with the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

For our 2nd giveaway we have a $100 Molly Maid Gift Card Giveaway towards household cleaning services provided by Molly Maid! As you know we recently told you about the new show – Be The Boss that airs the next 5 Sunday’s on A&E at 10 PM EST. Well Molly Maid is going to be featured on the show and we know how much we would LOVE to have Molly Maid come to our house that we figured you might too!

About Molly Maid:

Molly Maid has provided professional residential house cleaning for more than 25 years, with a 98 percent customer retention rate. Their team of two home service professionals provides a consistent, thorough cleaning customized to your needs and they offer a 24-hour re-cleaning guarantee if they miss a spot. Molly Maid established the Ms. Molly Foundation in 1996 and franchise owners, team members, customers and donors have given over $1.3 million to support victims of domestic violence and raise awareness for America’s most underreported crime.

This giveaway is sponsored by A&E – Just a quick reminder that  A&E Be the Boss Airs 12/2/12 at 10 pm ET.

To Enter:  Tell us why you want to win the $100 Molly Maids Gift Certificate and if you will be planning to tune into the new show Be The Boss.

Bonus Entries:  Make as many comments as you want about tips for cleaning!  The more comments you make the more you get!  Or Make a comment about Molly Maids or the new show Be The Boss.

Disclosure:  This giveaway was provided by A&E however all opinions are 100% our own.

Enter to win all 12 Giveaways:

Day 1 – Kenmore Upright 20.6 Cubic Ft Freezer – Value $799.99

Day 2 – $100 Molly Maids Gift Certificate

Day 3 – $100 Helzberg Diamonds Gift Certificate

Day 4 – $100 AMEX Gift Card and Smucker’s Gift Pack

Day 5 – HUGE Wholly Guacamole and Salsa & Cabot Cheese Gift Pack

Day 6 – iPad Mini (16 GB)


Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

All 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways end on 12/17/12 at 9 am EST


  1. Oh my would i love this….full time working plus extra work and 3 little boys 3.5,2 and 10 1/2 mo!!!!! Will tune in if i am awake!!!!

  2. Cleaning tip 1 BABY WIPES, i use them for everything (from makeup removal to cleaning bathroom counters and toilets!!!!)

  3. liz blackmon says:

    I am a brand new mom. I NEED help!!! lol.

    I plan to watch :)

  4. Shelby Dorsey says:

    I am a new mom to a five month old and would love to have someone come clean my dirty house.

    I will watch it to see if it is a good show. :)

  5. Shelby Dorsey says:

    Cleaning Tip:

    I use baby wipes for everything now.

  6. ashley coffey says:

    I use vinegar to clean out my garbage disposal

  7. I want to sit back and put my feet up for once ;)

  8. Bonus Entry #1

  9. Bonus Entry #2

  10. Bonus Entry #3

  11. Bonus Entry #4

  12. Bonus Entry #5

  13. Hairspray will remove magic marker ink from surfaces.

  14. To clean and disinfect baby toys wipe with vinegar and then wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth.

  15. To remove paint splashes from windows apply full strength vinegar with clean paint brush.

  16. To remove odors from a lunch box, place a slice of bread that’s been soaked in white distilled vinegar in lunch box and leave it in overnight.

  17. 3 kids 4 and under – I need a maid! Will try to watch the show.

  18. Baking soda scrubs off tough grease and dirt.

  19. Vinegar, water, and a little Dawn in a spray bottle to clean everything safely!

  20. Essential oils in the garbage disposal to help it smell better.

  21. For extra dirty or plastic conatainers use rgualr dishwasher soap (not the pods) and dishes and containers come clean without extra scrubbing.

  22. vegetable oil and lemon cam be mixed together for a furniture polish.

  23. Baking soda makes a great “soft scrub” or cleanser.

  24. Baby wipes are great for removing ink from carpet. I know. I have had to use it.

  25. Heather Pfingsten says:

    I would love to win the Molly Maids gift certificate!! – 12/17

  26. Heather Pfingsten says:

    Tip: Do a load of laundry daily!

  27. Heather Pfingsten says:

    To get rid of odors and sometimes (depending on what they are) stains in plastic storage containers… wash them in hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

  28. Heather Pfingsten says:

    To remove price tags from items like dishes and glassware use a cotton pad or Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the sticky glue!

  29. Heather Pfingsten says:

    To remove hardened wax from fabric, place a paper towel or a brown paper bag on top of the wax and press with an iron on low heat. The paper absorbs the wax, and your iron stays clean. This works on carpets too…

  30. Heather Pfingsten says:

    When in doubt… toss it!! If you aren’t sure you need something… the answer is… you don’t. This will declutter your house/life and give you less to clean.

  31. Heather Pfingsten says:

    Use old newspapers instead of paper towels to clean mirrors and windows.

  32. Heather Pfingsten says:

    Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean discolored teacups and teapots. It’s gentle enough for most fine china too.

  33. Heather Pfingsten says:

    Adding uncooked rice to your dishwater will make your glasses shine!

  34. shelby dordey says:

    Stockpile cleaning supplies as often as you can.

  35. shelby dordey says:

    Stockpile cleaning supplies as often as you can

  36. shelby dordey says:

    Peroxide can be used to make cleaning items

  37. i want to win

  38. ashley coffey says:

    Molly Maids are awesome!Wish I could afford to have them come to my house everyday!

  39. Do some laundry every other day instead of all in one day.