7 Days of Stocking Stuffer #Giveaways :: $50 Shutterfly Gift Card :: CLOSED

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UPDATE:  The Giveaway is CLOSED

The Winner Is: Kathy H.

We had so much fun hosting our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event that we decided to extend our event another 7 days!  We are hosting a 7 Days of Stocking Stuffer Giveaway.  The event ends on 12/31/12 at 9 am ET – we know you won’t have them by Christmas but there is nothing better than a gift after the Holiday’s :-)

We are so excited to share with you for our next giveaway a $50 Shutterfly Gift Card!  If you are like me you love taking pictures and giving photo gifts.  After the holidays this will be perfect because you will be able to print to your hearts content with a $50 Gift Card from Shutterfly.


We have (1) $50 Shutterfly Gift Card (1) lucky Stockpiling Moms readers.  The giveaway ends on 12/31/12 at 9 am ET and is open to US residents ages 18+.

To Enter:
We are going to keep it simple – this is going to be a fun comment contest.  Let’s talk about tips for organizing photos or tips for taking photos.  As long as it about photography we don’t care :-)  Let’s have fun with it!
Disclosure:  Shutterfly provided this information and giveaway however all opinions are 100% our own.



  1. alissa sweet says:

    I love shutterfly. We try to make a photobook every holiday. The kids love to look through them and remember the good times.

  2. I was just saying today how i need to organize my photos! Love some odd the ideas on here…now just need some free time :)

  3. Theresa Lawson says:

    I make one photo book for each season if the year and my kids love them.

  4. Heather Adams says:

    I make scrapbooks for my kids. I make one page for every month in the year so at the end of the year we have the whole year in pictures.

  5. Shutterfly helps you organize your photos by books. Love it!

  6. Digital photographs definitely keep me up to date. No more rolls of film stuck in the drawer. But I may have some that are years old!

  7. Love making calendars for my parents and sister/nephew. My sister and nephew live in WA so we only see them 1 time a year..so this helps my nephew through the year since he misses being home in IN. This gives my parents joy also seeing their grandson in pictures through out the year:) It’s funny…mom says “no writing on this calendar” since it goes through the pages.

  8. Deborah Pressley says:

    I love to take photos

  9. Deborah Pressley says:

    Photos make really good gifts

  10. Deborah Pressley says:

    Photo books are good gifts

  11. Deborah Pressley says:

    Frames help your pictures look great

  12. Deborah Pressley says:

    The pictures I take help my family stay in touch

  13. Deborah Pressley says:

    I like to make collages of pictures

  14. Deborah Pressley says:

    Pictures help us remeber our loved ones

  15. Ordered pictures today that we took at Christmas!

  16. Taking pictures is so much fun:)

  17. My daughter made a photo book of some of their wedding pictures!

  18. Love looking back at the photos of my High School days! So many memories!

  19. I also put my photos on a CD!

  20. I love shutterfly’s easy to make photobooks and gifts.

  21. I love taking pictures of sunrises. Each day I thank God for another day.

  22. Angela Stiverson says:

    With 3 kids under 5 I don’t have time to scrapbook like I use too, so now I make the photo books!

  23. Angela Stiverson says:

    I make family calendars for gifts every year for Christmas

  24. Angela Stiverson says:

    A gift card would be great right now. We celebrated my sons birthday the end of November, then Christmas and one of my daughters birthday tomorrow. A lot of pictures!

  25. Kim burrows says:

    When taking pics of kids don’t be afraid to get down to their eye level!!! It makes for much better photos!

  26. Jill French says:

    I have monthly folders online and organize that way.

  27. Jill French says:

    I also print a book each year of the highlights of the previous year.

  28. Jana Trueb says:

    I made coasters this year for our friends and family!! Using shutterfly, you can get cheap pictures, modge podge on tiles from home depot, put felt on the bottom. and BINGO! custom gifts that everyone LOVES!!!!

  29. Charlotte Haines says:

    When I am going to down load pics to the PC instead of coping everything I select the view pics option..they come up by date..I name them and only download the dates I need it’s quicker than down loading them all…

  30. Today we played in the snow. Was able to get a few good ones. Hard when you have mittens /gloves on and snow all over you. I think we will have many more days with snow since we just begun!

  31. Just thankful I take pictures since my Aunt passed away Thursday. We will always have great memories of her and I can tell my son all about her as he grows and he can look at the pictures to put a face with the stories!!!

  32. Video tape when I can or remember.

  33. Tara Davenport says:

    After I upload my photos to my computer I save them on a CD. I label the CDs with the date and any other info (such as the event, for example a birthday party). I keep them in chronological order and this way I have a backup and can find them easily when I need them!

  34. I really need some help organizing my photos!!

  35. So proud of myself. Just figured out how to download the pictures off my phone onto my computer!

  36. Would love to be able to create and display my memories using Shutterfly

  37. I would love to figure out how to photoshop some of my pictures!! I need to take a class

  38. One of the gifts I would get with the gift card is a photo blanket. Would love to have one of those!

  39. My son went out into the snow for one of the first times the other day (he’s almost 10) and had a blast!! Took lots of pictures and would love to put those pictures in a book!

  40. Kim Ledford-Burley says:

    I need to read the suggestions and then do them! I’m terrible about following through!

  41. Michele Soriano says:

    Candid photos are the best! Take lots of photos and you are sure to get one you’ll love!

  42. Elizabeth Tipton says:

    Organization Is So Important. I File By Year, Month And Then Event. Makes It Easy To Find Them When You Need Them.

  43. We were with Kodak.that is now merged with Shutterfly and we Love it!!!

  44. We were with Kodak and now that it has merged we love Shutterfly

  45. Shutter fly had take pics of my baby girl when she born but I could afford to print. But they took some beautiful pics .

  46. Oh and I love how u can upload straight from facebook where I post Instagram pics and they turn out great! I feel like a proffesional

  47. I love iPhoto to organize my photos and then upload to Shutterfly.

  48. I have a new baby who I have taken about 1000 pictures of…lol. I could use a little photo $.

  49. Manette Gutterman says:

    Taking photos of children should not be about posing. They should be candid, unplanned, and natural.

  50. I would LOVE a new photo book.