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Can you freeze eggs

Can you freeze eggs, Yes, you can!  Click here to read more and tips for success!

Can you freeze eggs?  Yes, you can! When eggs are on sale, especially at Easter or when I find them on clearance this is a great time to stockpile and freeze.  I normally buy at least 12 dozen at Easter and prepare for my freezer.

Can you freeze eggs:

Eggs can be frozen for up to one year. Don’t freeze eggs in the shell, remove them from the shells and mix them well before freezing. I mix them right in my freezer safe container (see picture below). Then I make sure all the air is out and close the seal.  Date and label and lay flat in your freezer.  They should be thawed in the refrigerator the day before you plan to use them for best results.  You can also freeze them in ice cube trays.  After frozen place into a storage container.

Tip:  Do not freeze eggs in the shell or cooked whites (they will become rubbery).

Yes, you can!  Click here to read more and tips for success!

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  1. petra says

    I had no idea you could freeze eggs. Could you also use smaller freezer safe containers to freeze 1-2 eggs at a time? That’s a standard amount for most recipes.

  2. Megan says

    Can you add other ingredients before freezing? For example, to make a scramble, can you add onion, peppers, and precooked sausage0?

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