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DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Making your own gift wrap saves money and gives your gift the perfect touch!

DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper is perfect for the holidays!  Now that you are set with loads of cute printable tags from last week’s post, try adding hand stamped wrapping paper!  Good, sturdy wrapping paper is hard to come by that doesn’t cost an arm and leg, but this easy DIY is super inexpensive and fun to do!  Another great idea is to stamp plain brown or white lunch bags and create some cute one of a kind gift bags for small trinkets or school party treats.

Holiday Gift Wrap


Roll of brown kraft paper (TIP:  I found mine at the dollar store, it is actually shipping paper which will make it a bit more sturdy!  Great find!)
Acrylic paint
Round sponge dabbers (Found at the craft store)

Holiday Gift Wrap

Step 1:
Cut a piece of the kraft paper to fit your gift you are wrapping.

Holiday Gift Wrap

Step 2:
Dab the circle sponge stamper into a cup of your favorite colored acrylic paint.

Step 3:
Begin stamping circles on the paper in a pattern of your choosing.  Group them together like confetti or space out in even rows.

Step 4:
Let paint dry and then wrap up your gift!

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