Free Video Message from Santa at Portable North Pole

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Get a Free Video Message from Santa at Portable North Pole.  Check out the Portable North Pole where in just a few easy steps, you can create a FREE personalized video from Santa Claus for your children, friends, family members or colleagues by providing a few little details about the person.  I just created one for Peyton and it is worth the time!  They also have an option for sending a birthday card too!

With the new Portable North Pole 2012 the elves’ machine will help Santa decide whether or not you were good! This is a cute freebie that your kids will love!


  1. Thank you for posting the link for the video from Santa. I do this every year for my grandchildren and had forgotten about it this year. The little ones love this!

  2. Get for chrstmas I do like. Blowing ball 10 lbs
    Fin hole finger. Also come with blowing Shoe
    Size 7 one more things. If I getting marred
    With phywise

  3. Merry Christmas lots of love Kevin xxx

  4. Lets see if ny niece wad good or bad

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