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Free Ways to See Santa :: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & More

Here is a roundup of other free and inexpensive ways your children can hear from or see Santa.  This is a magical time of the year and I love all the ways that my son can interact Santa.

Twitter:  OfficialSanta
Facebook: SantaKC
YouTube: Santa – A picture of him in your very own home (not free)
apps for your phone too (not always free)
free video message from Santa

Your child can track Santa on and on google earth on Christmas Eve.

In many areas you can write a letter from Santa to your child, address and stamp it, bring it to your local post office and they will postmark it from the North Pole and send it to your child which is MUCH cheaper than buying one online to send.

At our public library your child can write a letter to Santa and Santa will write a letter back!


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