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Kohl’s Coupons – Use Your Smartphone & Save

Kohl's Coupons - Use Your Smartphone & Save


Did you know that you can access your Kohl’s coupons through your Smartphone? I didn’t but my Mom told me about this great way to save.  She was at Kohl’s and mentioned to the cashier that she had a coupon in her email to print but that she forgot to print it.  The cashier told her that you can open up an email from Kohl’s on your smartphone and then expand the email and the cashier can actually scan your bar code through your smartphone! How cool is that! So if you haven’t invested in a Smartphone this is another reason! It can actually save you money :-)

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  1. tracy says

    I did that today! Saved me $26 and change! It was a email for 20% off pulled it up enlarged it she scanned and saved…. :-)

  2. Lisa G. says

    Yes, I’ve been doing this for a while. A friend actually told me about it a long time ago and ever since I got my smartphone I have been too!

  3. Msoand says

    I did it yesterday to get an extra 15% off my already discounted purchases. Just showed her my email and she did not even scan…just looked at my email and took the 15% off. Happy Shopper!

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