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Kroger Marketplace is coming to Independence, KY

UPDATE:  The Kroger Marketplace opens on August 29th at 7 am!  Are you going for opening day?

I couldn’t be more excited that Kroger Marketplace is coming to Independence, KY!   If you are reading this as though I am screaming it that shares my excitement with you.  As you know I have Celiac Disease and I eat a 100% gluten free diet. This will make my life so much better as right now I have to drive to either Walton or Newport to do my gluten free and organic shopping.

It won’t come as a surprise that when I found out (before it was official and I kept it a secret) that Independence, KY was getting a Marketplace I was more than thrilled.  Not only a Marketplace but the LARGEST Marketplace in NKY!  It will also be home a Starbucks (I know some of my friends are cheering).

The new Marketplace will be directly south of the current Kroger and they have already started construction!  In fact check out my picture.  I have been known to be at Kroger 5 days a week (no joke sometimes twice in a day during a Mega Sale) shopping and looking for deals.  Just yesterday I sat and watched construction from my van and decided to take a picture before it is completed.

I am sad that the new store won’t have fuel pumps but I understand because there really just isn’t room.  I have talked with management and they tell me that the store is going to be simply amazing.  Hopefully I will get an invitation to tour it before it opens!  I would love to be at the ribbon cutting too :-)  So my question to you – are you as excited as I am????????????

Don’t forget we do a weekly Kroger Matchup of the entire sales ad PLUS unadvertised deals!  We have that in a handy printable list that you can customize to suit YOU!  We hope you enjoy the Kroger Matchup each week.  It is posted Saturday at 9 am and the Unadvertised deals are posted Monday at 7 pm.



  1. Terri R. says

    I’m very excited about the new store as well. I do not like shopping at the current store so much that I drive further and go the Latonia Kroger. I’m also sad that the new Marketplace won’t have gas pumps.

  2. Tiffany M says

    Congrats. We fuel up at the Kroger Marketplace in Hebron, but I rarely do my day-to-day shopping there. Not fond of the store’s setup

  3. karen says

    I work at the new Kroger store and it will be amazing. I am excited for the grand opening on Aug. 29. Hope to see you all there. We have lots of great sales and even freebees from what I understand.

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