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Newspaper Subscription or Coupon Services

We have recently been asked numerous times if we are still subscribing to the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Since the Enquirer raised their prices and no longer offers the newspaper deal that they used too, we made the decision that we are no longer going to be able to justify having a subscription or promoting it on our blog. We have cancelled our subscriptions.  In our opinion you can do much better ordering your coupons from a Coupon Clipping or Whole Coupon Insert Service.

When you order from a coupon clipping service you are not paying for the coupon but for the time clipping it. You should never pay face value (or more) for a coupon. In general we prefer coupon clippers instead of Ebay.

We are affiliates with all of these coupon clippers therefore when you purchase through our site you are supporting us. We personally use all of these clippers and they are reliable and legitimate. You are receiving manufacturer coupons from the Sunday inserts.

For those of you who live in area and you can still get a good newspaper deal then we do still suggest purchasing in a quantity of two and supplementing with coupon services.

Coupon Clipping Services:

Coupon Dede is located in Texas – Sells Whole Inserts and Clipped Coupons

Coupon Beat is located in Lebanon, TN – – Sells Clipped Coupons and Whole Inserts






New England Coupon Saver – Sells Whole Coupon Inserts and is located in New England.

Kuntry Klippers are located in Ohio – Sells Clipped Coupons

The Coupon Carry-Out is located in Ohio – Sells Clipped Coupons

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers is located in Florida – Sells Clipped Coupons

Manufacturers Coupons is located in Washington – Sells Clipped Coupons

Palmetto Coupon Clippers is located in South Carolina – Sells Clipped Coupons and Whole Inserts

Klip2Save is located in TN – Sells Clipped Coupons






My Coupon Hunter is located in Tampa FL – Sells Clipped Coupons (in larger quantities)



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